Guglielmo Miani

Born in Milan in 1976, Miani entered in Larusmiani in 2000 and became the CEO in 2006 and the chairman in 2011.
Since 2010 he has been chairman of Associazione della Via MonteNapoleone, which collaborates with 110 prestige, world famous luxury brands active in the city’s “fashion quadrilateral”.

My ideal lunch break is at the Bacaro del Sambuco, in via MonteNapoleone; time has stopped in this beautiful little courtyard garden with tables; the cuisine is exquisite and it is managed by a family– the father welcomes the clients, the daughter serves at the tables and the mother is at the stove in the kitchen. Some say that their tiramisù is the best in Milan, and who am I to deny it?

The ideal day in Milan starts at Camparino, the historic “in and out” bar, perfect for a stand-up breakfast in true Milanese style: it’s been my family bar for generations, and it’s incredible how it hasn’t changed in one hundred years – the counter’s inlay work, is by the ebonist Quarti.

It’s also ideal for drinks before La Scala, our pride and joy, the world’s famous temple of music and opera: you should go at least twice a year, not forgetting its Museum next door. Two surprises on the first floor: you can look into one of the theatre’s boxes and also admire, in rotation, some of the sumptuous stage costumes.

At least one afternoon should be spent at Villa Necchi, in the heart of the “Quadrilateral of Silence”; perfectly preserved, it reminds us what Milan used to be secret and elegant. Even if you haven’t got time to visit the building, at least take a break in the garden, it’s regenerating and magical.