Born in Florence in 1995, she attended Central Saint Martins (College of Art and Design) in London and she is about to graduate from FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York.

Villa San Michele is a stunning hotel in the Fiesole hills, and it is exactly how it used to be; they also have great food – our family have had many birthday parties there. In town, on the other hand, I have two favourite restaurants.

The first one is Ora d'Aria, with a fresh and modern interior, one side of the wall is made of mirror and glass and has an open kitchen: dishes are served in the forms of tapas, but they keep the classic Florentine cuisine approach. The Chianina steak tartare is simply marvellous! The second is Il Cestello: adorable inside and out, with a nice view across the square, it’s a joy for anyone who loves fish, in every possible way, but above all raw. When it comes to dessert, ask for the Uovo del Cestello: it has a secret recipe, but everyone adores it!

My favourite place for evening drinks is La Menagere: it’s young, and they prepare fantastic centrifuged juices, mostly with excellent background music. There’s even a florist and tiny ceramics shop inside!

Lastly, for people like me who love jogging and picnics, there's nowhere better than the Boboli Gardens. Originally the gardens of Palazzo Pitti, they have an infinity of gravel walks leading to little lakes, fountains, nymphs, garden temples and grottoes. Small streets surrounded by nature and art: just as my Florence should be".