She lived in Como till she was 18, moved to France and then to Milan.
She was one of the most fascinating women in Como, the representative of its style and elegance.

I began to rediscover Como when I was nearing 30, and was soon bewitched by it. For me Como is its lake, its lights, its smell. Has got something really special. Try having dinner at Harry's Bar in Cernobbio, for instance it’s a cliché, but still, what’s wrong with that? It’s located in a little square by the lakeside: their tartare is delicious and they also have a piano bar. At the top of the peninsula of Lavedo, lies the Villa del Balbianello, a sort of mini-Versailles, evocative and romantic. During the summer there are lots of concerts, and I honestly can't think of a better setting.

Staying with music, Como’s Teatro Sociale certainly deserves a visit: not everyone knows, but when La Scala was bombed during the 2nd world war, the opera season was moved here. If you happen to pass by in Christmas time, you’ll see it at its best: the lighting is amazing and the music is always excellent! An initiative which I really appreciated was to merge the old parks of three of the most beautiful villas in Como, use them for cultural, artistic and scientific activities –in a location called Chilometro della Conoscenza: I strongly recommend the Fabrics Museum founded by Antonio Ratti: they always have fantastic exhibitions there. I’ll conclude with a sweet note from the Cremeria Bolla pastry shop, an “institution” since 1893: they bake the best croissants in Como and have an ice cream that blows your mind, a must go-for breakfast and snacks, and in summer they put tables outside, you can even have lunch there.